Join me for a ONE DAY VIRTUAL BOUQUET BOOTCAMP giving you the foundational tools and techniques to make lush, lightweight hand tied bouquets full of loose and airy movement.


Floral designers wanting to learn or improve in the loose and airy bridal bouquet design style.

Do you struggle with designing bouquets with lush airy movement? 

Do you stress out over bouquet making and often overwork them?

Who is this for?

Do you tend to overstuff bouquets making them bulky and heavy? 

All levels of skills are welcome; beginner, intermediate and seasoned designers have attended and benefited from the course! 

$500 / BUY NOW

february 27, 2021

12:00pm-6:30pm EDT

All flowers are included in the class and will be received the day before.
Minimum of 5 students required for each class.

*Cut off date to register: 2/17

Key topics will also include how to choose inspiring ingredients, creating balanced color harmonies and using line and form to create loose and airy bridal bouquets. 

Each student will make two bouquets in each style; hand tied free form style and a hand tied cascade bouquet. 

Each student has the option to receive personalized feedback on their bouquets during the class. 

The workshop will include an in depth presentation of my foundational bouquet making process where you will learn the core techniques for successful hand tied bouquets that are lightweight and full of movement. I will demonstrate how to stay organized and efficient every time! 

What to Expect

After registering for the class, you will receive a list of what you may need to purchase or gather for the class with Amazon links. 
*You may already have most of the supplies you need.

You will also receive a link to login to the Virtual Class which is held on Zoom. 

The day before your design class, you will receive your box of curated fresh flowers shipped directly to you with conditioning instructions. 

You will receive fresh flowers to design two styles of hand tied bouquets; a loose and airy free form bouquet and a cascading bouquet. 

How it Works?

“Amy's Bouquet Intensive was jam packed with helpful information. I left feeling so equipped with tools, information, and techniques to help me up my flower game. Since the class ended, I've been hearing Amy's voice in my head guiding me through my design process. And if that wasn't enough, the intensive day itself was very fun. Amy has a way of making you feel welcomed, entertained, seen, and challenged all at once.”


“Amy is an amazing teacher and a joy to learn from! She communicates design concepts clearly and is full of amazing hands-on tips and tricks to really simplify and elevate your designs and your design process."


“In the intensive bouquet workshop, I learned so much on how the spiral technique doesn’t have to be intimidating as I once thought. Since the workshop, I’ve been practicing what I learned and am getting better each time. I no longer feel the need to overstuff my bouquets and learned to have a looser grip. "


"I love the loose and airy design trends and learned from Amy that even using the spiral method, you can still achieve the same look. This workshop has helped me to work on elevating my own designs while still using the principles of design I learned from her. She presents her critique and feedback of our work and clearly explains any changes in such a positive, encouraging way."


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